Our Team

United for Health, United for All

Mr. Ekramuddin Rahimi is a distinguished member of the UHSO board, who brings a unique blend of expertise and experience to the table. He is a master of finance and banking, an accomplished academic writer, and an expert economic lecturer. Not only is he familiar with data analysis, but he also has a wealth of procurement experience, having worked in various positions in the field. Rahimi has been working as a banking supervisor since April 2019, where he has been responsible for overseeing and regulating various financial institutions. His deep knowledge of the financial sector, combined with his experience as an educator and author, make him a valuable asset to UHSO. Throughout his career, Rahimi has demonstrated an unwavering commitment to excellence and a passion for helping others succeed. His unique perspective and diverse background make him an ideal board member for UHSO to achieve its goals through strong leadership, innovation, and a dedication to creating lasting value for its stakeholders.

Ekramudin Rahimi