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Mr. Hedyatullah Sulaimankhail is a distinguished economist dedicated to advancing economic growth, development and prosperity in Afghanistan. With a passion for economics and a strong commitment to public service, Mr. Sulaimankhail has worked in various key positions within the Afghanistan Ministry of Commerce, with a focus on developing policies that provide for inclusive economic growth and increased private sector investment. Throughout his career, Mr. Sulaimankhail has been instrumental in building relationships between Afghanistan and other nations, advocating for policies and strategies that promote trade and investment. He has played a vital role in representing the Afghan government in a wide range of international meetings and conferences, speaking on issues such as trade agreements, foreign investment, and trade policies. His skills have helped to build strong and lasting relationships with key players in the global economic system, creating opportunities for the Afghan economy and businesses to grow and thrive. Mr. Sulaimankhail’s contributions to the development of the Afghan economy are many and varied. He has taken on key leadership roles in the public and private sectors, working tirelessly to break down barriers to economic growth and create new opportunities for businesses and entrepreneurs. With his deep understanding of economics and his commitment to public service, Mr. Sulaimankhail has become one of the most respected and influential policymakers in Afghanistan today and he is the deputy founder and member of the UHSO board.

Hedayatullah Sulaimankhail