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Dr. Musa Bashir

Dr. Mousa Bashir is head of the UHSO board with a PhD in Health Education and Health Promotion. Throughout his academic career, he has demonstrated a remarkable commitment to providing health services to deprived areas, often as a team leader. To promote his effectiveness, he has enhanced his abilities in numerous areas such as project management, monitoring and evaluation, management, business, and English language (TOEFL & IELTS technics).

Dr. Bashir possesses exceptional skills in educational training and a deep understanding of basic and theoretical training methodologies. With over a decade of experience in this field, he has developed an innate ability to create and schedule a significant number of training activities within a short period of time while prioritizing individual needs.

Some of Dr. Bashir’s areas of expertise include developing, reviewing, and implementing new training programs; planning, organizing, conducting seminars for groups, determining course learning objectives and teaching techniques, designing curricula, and authoring nutrition books. Moreover, he has cooperated with GIZ to implement various projects and he had a significant role in handling E-learning during the Corona prevalence period. For now, he is serving as the head of Public Health department in one of the universities as well.